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Tan 24oz Leather Colorado Sleeve & Bottle, a seamless fusion of style and utility. Meticulously handcrafted, this leather koozie transcends mere practicality, serving as a symbol of sophistication within your drinkware collection. Raise your beverage experience and ignite conversations wherever you roam with this distinctive accessory.


Crafted with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, our leather sleeve boasts robust stretchy elastic for effortless bottle application. Not only does it provide insulation for optimal drink temperature maintenance, but it also shields your bottle with an aura of timeless elegance, courtesy of its tan leather finish.


Paired with our Thermoflask double wall insulated water bottle, forged from food grade stainless steel, this set embodies both refinement and resilience. Accompanied by sports and straw lids, it ensures hydration on the move.


Please Note:


Handmade leather sleeve bears its own unique nuances, enriching its allure. Enhance your beverage indulgence with our Tan Leather Colorado Sleeve & Bottle ensemble, where craftsmanship meets sophistication in perfect harmony.

Brown - 24oz Leather Utah Sleeve & Bottle

Bottle Color
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