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100% Baby Alpaca


This all natural, reversible 100% Baby Alpaca beanie is as luxurious and soft as it is durable and functional. Although it is lighter than the rest of the Lazy Llama beanies, it is just as warm and breathable with its super fine and ultra-soft fiber.


Baby Alpaca is the Gold Standard when it comes to ‘super fibers’ with its amazing thermal benefits, aptly named, ‘Oro’, named after what Peruvian Incas considered Alpacas to be, the ‘Gold of the Andes’.


Beanie Features: Eco-friendly, all natural, naturally warm, soft and strong, breathable, nonprickly, light weight and hypoallergenic.


Available in natural Alpaca colors. This beanie is all natural and eco-friendly. No synthetic materials or dyes used.

Black / Grey Tweed

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