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Alano the Alpaca and Luis the Llama were both friends who lived high up in the Andes, but both lived very different lives. Alano would wake up early, spend his days working hard and keeping a balanced mind, body and soul and did good when ever he could. Luis grazed under the same tree and slept his days away, always muttering “I work to live, not live to work.”

This determined Alano to be even more focused and to do great things in life. Living a balanced and active lifestyle Alano produced an exceptional coat. Villagers claimed it was the best coat in all of Peru. Eventually, Alano decided to make stylish alpaca wear for all his buddies to keep them warm, high up in the Andes.

Alano could only thank one person for his drive and success in life, and that was his friend Luis, the “Lazy Llama.”
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